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Customer Experience Consultancy Firm

With a focus on the Food and Beverage Industry

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What We Do For Clients

About Us

Welcome to Red Onyx Consulting, one of Houston’s top Customer Experience and Service firm for the Food and Beverage Industry. We train and equip restaurants and some hotels to: 

  • Consistently improve their customers' experiences 

  • Rebrand their customer service culture

  • Revise or create new systems and processes for customer management

  • Enhance public reputation and perception  

  • Reduce turnovers 

  • Significantly increase revenue.

  • Revise or build a robust CRM system that manages customer data such as dietary restrictions, birthday and anniversaries, contact info, order history, and much more.

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Since our inception, Red Onyx Consulting has always been customer-focused and results-driven. In today's business world, companies can no longer compete solely on price or products alone. There's always a disruptor!

We believe Customer Service always wins and so we teach businesses the methods to adopt a world-class customer service culture that consistently delivers from the CEO to the front-line employee.


We do this by taking our clients through customized, duplicatable, effective hands-on training that yields results within an operational quarter or less. Click below to book a strategy call with us today.

Some results you can expect:

  • Increase in revenue

  • A growing amount of loyal customers

  • Increased employee morale and low turnover.

  • Company culture shift

  • Cut cost on unnecessary marketing

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  • Increased word of mouth marketing

  • An increased amount of Google reviews

  • Reputation as a company with great products, service, and people

  • Easily increase prices for your services and products

  • Reduce coupons and discounts


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Book a 30-minute Strategy Call  below with one of our consultants 


Before I hired Nancy as a consultant, my business had not sold anything for 3 months. I didn't know what to do and was bleeding cash. Nancy listened intently to my company needs, the direction and vision for my company and put a perfect plan of action in place for my business to grow and be profitable. She not only went above and beyond to teach me things that were not in her scope of work but was extremely caring, passionate, trustworthy and has high integrity and overdelivered. Within 3 months of working with Nancy, I had sold about $300K and had over $450K in the sales pipeline. Also, she created operating procedures and training manuals for my company. I highly highly recommend Nancy at Red Onyx Consulting.


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