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About Us

Welcome to Red Onyx Consulting, one of Houston’s top Customer Experience and Service focused firm for small businesses. We train and equip businesses to improve their customer service processes, reputation and culture so they can significantly increase their revenue. We do this by taking company leaders and their front-line team members through customized, duplicatable, effective hands-on training that yields results within an operational quarter or less.

Since our inception, Red Onyx Consulting has always been customer-focused and results-driven. In today's business world, companies can no longer compete solely on price or products alone. There's always a disruptor! We believe Customer Service always wins and so we teach businesses the methods to adopt a world class customer service culture that consistently delivers from the CEO to the front line employee. 

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Ways to work with us


Full CX/CS Rebrand

This service is for companies that want to adopt an outstanding customer service culture or improve on current processes provided the right systems are in place. We go through each stage of our 5-step process in great detail to shift your CS/CX culture, increase employee morale, improve customer service skills, build customer loyalty, and increase in profits.

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Mystery Shopping

We perform mystery shopping within a company’s business or a competitor’s establishment to obtain unbiased intelligence to give our clients the necessary information to drive informed training decisions.


Team Workshop Training

We meet with a company’s leaders to understand their current situation as it relates to Customer Service/Experience vision and we create a customized training that is highly informative, motivates your team, boost morale, and when implemented builds customer engagement and loyalty that drives more sales. This is offered as a 1-, 2-, or 3-day workshop depending on the needs and size of the company’s team members. This can be accomplished virtually or in person.

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SOP Creation/Improvement

Customer Service Standard Operating Procedures can be designed or improved for organizations who do not require hands-on training but just want customized materials to train their team during the hiring process.

Some results you can expect:

  • Increase in revenue

  • A growing amount of loyal customers

  • Increased employee morale and low turnover.

  • Company culture shift

  • Cut cost on unnecessary marketing

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  • Increased word of mouth marketing

  • An increased amount of Google reviews

  • Reputation as a company with great products, service, and people

  • Easily increase prices for your services and products

  • Reduce coupons and discounts


Young Businesswomen

Book a 30-minute Strategy Call  below with one of our consultants 

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We are grateful on how Nancy helped us grow our young business. Her business acumen and holistic approach to mentorship accelerated the trajectory of our business. We remain grateful for her coaching. 


Kenneth O.

CPA, Zanda Tax