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While we've worked with different businesses, we specialize in serving clients in
the Food and Beverage Industry

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Customer Experience Makeover

This service is for companies wanting to adopt an outstanding customer service culture or improve on current methods. We go through each stage of our 5-step process in great detail and create customized systems and processes to improve your Customer Service and Customer Experience culture, increase employee morale, gain more clients, build customer loyalty, increase profits, and much more. 


Hospitality Corporate Training

We meet with a company’s leaders to understand their current situation as it relates to Customer Service vision and we create a customized training that is highly informative, motivates your team, boost morale, and when implemented builds customer engagement and loyalty that drives more sales. This is offered as a 1-, 2-, or 3-day workshop depending on the needs and size of the company’s team members. This can be accomplished virtually or in person.

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Customer Service Workshops

This service is for business owners and their staff wanting an in-person workshop training to improve their current customer service and experience processes and procedures. During the workshop, employees will learn skills that they will use daily to attract loyal customers while enjoying their jobs. You will be given full training manual when the workshop is complete. Workshop duration can be 1,2, or 3 days. 

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Restaurant Service Audit

We provide a full audit for restaurants to gauge their customer service practices, employee behavior, customer reactions, etc. During this process, we will visit your establishment on three different days you specify or that we choose to interact with your business as a customer. Call us your secret shopper agents. 

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